Genealogical Dead Ends

As I hand off to the genealogical “player(s) to be named later,” here is my present list of dead ends– people whose parents I haven’t yet found, and who need to be researched.

This search, this attempt to put a few things in order, and keep more than a few people’s memories “green” has meant a lot to me– more than I can really say here. I wish you the best!



Gen. # Burgin/ Swain family Lawrence/ Brandegee family
  • Jane Boak, wife of John Burgin
  • John Skudder and Mary ____
  • Thomas Burgin and Mary ____
  • Peter Shufelt and Elizabeth Huych (or Huyck or Houck)
  • Jacob Chamberlain and Phebe Vinton
  • Hannah Clough, wife of Hilton Woodman
  • John Peter Shoemaker (Schumacher?) and Sarah Johnson
  • Mary Jewett, wife of Abraham Sanborn
  • Matthew (or Mathis) Clark and Abigail ____
  • Abigail Dunham, wife of Jacob Brandegee
  • Abigail Powers, wife of William Packwood
  • Phoebe Dodd, wife of Ebenezer Byram
  • Deborah Brimblecomb, wife of James  Tewksbury
  • Fancis Lodge and Elizabeth Ellerton
  • Mary Nichols, wife of Stephen Rogers
  • Otho Stevens, husband of Abigail Kent
  • Hannah Hunt, wife of Joshua Hills
  • Mary, wife of Samuel Clapp, Jr.
  • Abigail Morey, wife of Peter Makepeace
  • Elizabeth (Bacon?), wife of James Dunn
  • Hannah Long, wife of Thomas Rogers
  • Johannes Kreisler and Susanna Stickel
  • Benjamin Richard and Johanna ____
  • Mary Folsom, wife of Jonathan Robinson
  • Elizabeth Gordon, wife of Nicholas Dudley
  • Abigail Stocker, wife of John Ingalls
  • Thomas Holbrook and Margaret Doane
  • Jeremiah Lassel and Ruth Lovett
  • James Plaisted Hill and Abigail Fuber
  • Matthew Patten and Margaret _____
  • Benoni Plumb, husband of Dorothy Cole
  • Joseph Backwood and ____
  • Catrina Janse(n), wife of John Crooke
  • Thomas Speakman and ____
  • Daniel Thomas
  • William Clift, Sr. and Lydia Wills
  • Judith Bosworth
  • Mary Remington, wife of Joshua Tilden
  • John Jones and Sarah Temple
  • Sarah ____, wife of Josiah Sanborn
  • Nehemiah Abbott and Sarah Foster
  • Isaac Parker and Ruth Blood
  • Nathaniel Boynton and Hannah Perham
  • Samuel Andrews and Annah Rankin
  • Jonathan Hale
  • William Hickling
  • ____, wife of William Coffin
  • Rose Guisage
  • Ralph Inman
  • Lydia ____, wife of John Mudge
  • Rebecca, wife of Barnabas Young
  • Samuel Waite and Anna ____
  • Benjamin Knight and Ruth Fuller
  • Samuel Putnam and Elizabeth ____
  • Daniel Deschamps
  • ____, wife of John Cunditt
  • ____, wife of Samuel Harrison
  • ____, wife of Joseph Haywood
  • ____, wife of John Whalley
  • Sarah Faxon
  • William Ripley and Mary Corbison
  • Lydia Shaw (tie-in to JSBL’s versions?)
  • Alice Rogers (tie-in to JSBL’s versions?)

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