Old Books Worth Seeking As References

This list is NOT by any means exhaustive. Consider it merely a helpful starting point.

(Arranged alphabetically, by major families.)



  • Alden, Ayers, Byram Genealogy, by Charles H. Ayers [Currently available at Morristown, NJ public library.]


  • The Descendants of Hugh Amory 1605-1805, by Gertrude Euphemia Meredith, London, 1901
  • “The Amory Family,” by Delos G. McDonald, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 120, April 1966, pp.81-83


  • The History of Ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut, by Henry R. Stiles, AM, MD, Vol. II, New York 1904, pp. 128-133.
  • History of Rye 1660-1870, by Charles W. Baird, New York, 1871; the whole book contains useful references, but see especially pp. 398-399
  • History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, Vol. I, compiled by Donald Lines Jacobus, Fairfield, CT, 1930; republished Baltimore, 1976; pp. 107-109
  • The Early History of Berlin, Connecticut, An Historical Paper Delivered Before the Emma Hart Willard Chapter D.A.R., January 17, 1913, by Emily S. Brandegee



  • Genealogical Record of the Condit Family, Descendants of John Cunditt, 1678 to 1885, by Jotham H. Condict, Newark, 1885, reprinted in Condits and Cousins: The Condits and Their Cousins in America, Vol.6, edited by Norman I. Condit, Owensborough, KY, 1980
  • “The Condicts and the Dr. Lewis Condict House,” in the Morris Area Genealogical Society Newsletter, by Joan Armour, Vol.2, No.2, June 1989, pp.2-3
  • In Lights and Shadows, Morristown in Three Centuries, by Cam Cavanaugh, Morristown, NJ, 1986


  • The Elemendorf Family (from the New York Record), by Gerrit H. Van Wagenen, New York, 1889

Hathorne/ Hawthorne

  • “Captain William Hathorne,” No. XXIII in a series on Soldiers In King Philip’s War, communicated by Rev. George M. Bodge A.M., printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 42, October 1888, pp.363-364
  • “Hathorne,” from Genealogical Research In New England, contributed by Elizabeth French, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 67, July 1913, pp.248-260


  • “Genealogy of the Hutchinsons of Salem,” compiled by Joseph L. Chester, and communicated by Alcander Hutchinson, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 22, July 1868, pp.236-250


  • “Descendants of Philip and John Langdon of Boston,” by Arthur M. Alger, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 30, January 1876, pp.33-37
  • “Philip and John Langdon of Boston,” by Mrs. Quinn Hornaday, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 128, January 1974, pp.48 [Addresses problems with preceding article.] [Connection to the painter Langdon Quinn?]
  • “Records of the West Church, Boston,” printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 92, January 1938, pp.22-27, 117-118 [Contains church records for the Langdons and the Whalleys, although Abigail Harris Langdon is not mentioned.]
  • “Gen. Nathaniel Peabody, of Atkinson, New Hampshire,” by William C. Todd, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 47, January 1893, pp.297-8 [Describes a raid during the Revolutionary War led by, among others, Capt. John Langdon.]
  • Burial Records at Mt . Auburn Cemetery for Lot No. 57-1 [The family of Giles Lodge and Abigail Harris (Langdon) Lodge.]


  • The Groton Register, A Record of the Families of Groton, MA 1652-1865, parts I & 2, by Elinor F. Skeate, Kennewick, WA, 1995
  • “The Lawrence Family of Groton and Boston, Massachusetts,” by G. Andrews Moriarty, in The American Genealogist, October 1933, pp.78-83
  • Historical Sketches of Some Members of the Lawrence Family, by Robert Means Lawrence, Boston, 1888
  • The Descendants of Major Samuel Lawrence of Groton, MA, by Robert Means Lawrence, Cambridge, 1904
  • “Robert Means Lawrence,” by Henry Edwards Scott,” printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 89, July 1935, pp.211-215 [Contains a nice, and I think accurate, summary of all the early people at Groton.]
  • “Memoir of the Honorable Abbott Lawrence, LL.D.,” printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 10, October 1856, pp.297-303
  • Memoir of Abbott Lawrence, by Hamilton Andrews Hill, Boston, 1883
  • Letters from the Hon. Abbott Lawrence to the Hon. William C. Rives of Virgina, Boston, 1846
  • Extracts From The Diary And Correspondence of Amos Lawrence, by William R. Lawrence, MD, Boston, 1855
  • Life of Amos A. Lawrence, With Extracts From His Diary And Correspondence, by William Lawrence, Boston, 1888
  • The Poor Boy and Merchant Prince: Life of Amos Lawrence, by William M. Thayer, New York, ca. 1890
  • The History of Lawrence Academy at Groton 1792-1992, by Douglass Alan Frank [A brief piece on the Homestead, xeroxed and given to me by Uncle Johnny.]
  • The Story of Textiles, by Perry Walton, New York, 1925, pp.218-222 [The book was prepared for, and published by, a “Mr. John S. Lawrence (sic)…of Lawrence & Co., one of the largest commission houses for the distribution of textiles in America.”


  • “The Lee Family,” by Thomas Amory Lee, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 76, July 1922, pp.197-223
  • Elisha Flagg Lee Jr., personal communications. Almost all Lee material not mentioned in the article above is his research, either indirectly through the use of family histories, or directly using primary materials .


  • The Lindeseie and Limesi Families of Great Britain, by John William Linzee, Vols. I & II, Boston, 1917


  • Memorials: Being a Genealogical, Biographical and Historical Account of the Name of Mudge in America, From 1638 to 1868, by Alfred Mudge, Boston, 1868


  • Captain Joseph Peabody, East India Merchant of Salem (1757-1844), compiled by William Crowninshield Endicott, completed by Walter Muir Whitehill, Peabody Museum, Salem, 1962
  • Genealogy of the Peabody Family: 11th, 12th, 13th generations, unpublished manuscript compiled by Edward P. Lawrence and several senior Peabodys in preparation for the Peabody reunion held in Salem in 1994.
  • Memoir of Samuel Endicott with a Genealogy of His Descendants, by William Crowninshield Endicott The Younger, Boston, 1924
  • The Peabody Influence, by Edwin P. Hoyt, New York, 1968


  • The Pratt Directory, compiled by Jane Lovelace, 1980 [Contains a tentative, but still problematic genealogy for our Pratts. Our best lead at present on this large and complicated family.]
  • Burial Records at Mt . Auburn Cemetery for Lot No. 1717 [The family of George Pratt and Abigail Harris (Lodge) Pratt. Also contains their children, John, Horace, John L., George L. and his wife Sarah Minot (Weld) Pratt, Mary Bryant (Pratt) Brandegee, and her husbands Charles Franklin Sprague and Edward Deshon Brandegee, as well as her son John L. Brandegee.]


  • Eight lines of Descent of John Prescott, Founder of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1645, From Alfred the Great, King of England 871-901, by Frederick Lewis Weiss, ThD., Dublin, NH, 1957
  • Five Hundred Ancestors of John Prescott of Lancaster and of James Prescott of Hampton , by Frederick Lewis Weiss, ThD., Dublin, NH, 1960
  • “Parentage of John Prescott…” Letter to NEHGS Register by G. Andrews Moriarty, FSA printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 113, January 1959, pp.70-72 [Argues against royal lines submitted in Weiss’ work]
  • “Ancestry of John Prescott, Condensed,” from Boston Transcript, August 14, 1905, by “MLW” [More argument in favor of the royal lines.]
  • The Prescott Memorial, or A Genealogical Memoir of the Prescott Families in England and America in Two Parts, by William Prescott, MD, Boston, 1870
  • Colonel William Prescott, The Commander in The Battle of Bunker Hill; Honor To Whom Honor Is Due; A Monograph. by Francis J. Parker, Boston, 1875
  • The Correspondence of William Hickling Prescott, 1833-1847, transcribed and edited by Roger Wolcott, [Boston?] 1925
  • Family Jottings, by Roger Wolcott, Boston, 1939
  • Life of William Hickling Prescott, by George Ticknor, Boston, 1864


  • A History of the Putnam Family in England and America, by Eben Putnam, Salem, 1891


  • “Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants,” by Charles Henry Wight, printed in NEHGS Register, Volume 61, January 1907, pp.70-72
  • The Descendants of Thomas (2) Tarbell of Groton, MA 1642-1678, by Elinor F. Skeate, Bountiful, Utah, 1990
  • Groton During the Indian Wars, by Samuel A. Green, MD, Groton, 1883. pp.109-124
  • “A Fated Family,” from The Groton Historical Series, by Samuel Abott Green, MD, Vol.III, Groton, 1893, pp.126
  • History of the Town of Groton, by Caleb Butler, Boston, 1848


  • Weld Collections, by Charles Frederick Robinson, Ann Arbor, 1938
  • Weld Records- Part One, manuscript in NEHGS Library, author, place published, and date published are unavailable.
  • Weld-Faxon notes, manuscript in NEHGS Library, by Charles F. White, Brookline, 1928
  • Under the Black Horse Flag, by Isabel Anderson, Boston, 1926
  • The Family of Weld Who Came the Town of Roxbury in Massachusetts Bay, New England, in the year 1632 AD “For Conscience Sake,” compiled by Mary Weld Pingree.


  • The Zabriskie Family: A Three Hundred and One Year History of the Descendants of Albrecht Zaborowskij (Ca 1638-1711) of Bergen County, New Jersey, Vols. 1 & 2., by George Olin Zabriskie, 1963

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