The Treaty Joseph Weld Orchestrated with the Pequots

This is it—the text of the treaty the colony was so grateful for that they gave Capt. Joseph Weld the land grant. As such, it is the ultimate upstream origin of Allandale Farm, though I will have more to say about that in a later post. (Things are not as straightforward as some online sources make them seem.)



(R. of Mass. Bay II: 40-1)


This writing is to testify that wee, Pumham, sachem of Shawomock ec. & Sacononoco, sachem of Patuxet ec., have & by these psents do volentarily & wthout any constraint or pswasion, but of or owne free motion, put orselues, or subiects, lands, & estates under the govrmt & iurisdictio of the Massachusets, to bee govrned & ptected by them according to their just lawes & ordrs, so farr as wee shalbee made capable of understanding them; & wee do pmise for our selues, & all or subiects, & all or posterity, to bee true & faithfull to the said governmt, & ayding to the maintenance thereof to or best ability, & from time to time to give speedy notice of any conspiracy, attempt, or evill intension of any wch wee shall know or hear of against ye same; & wee do pmise to bee willing from time to time to bee instructed in the knowledge & worship of God. In wtnes whereof wee have hearunto put or hands, this 22th of the 4th mo. 1643.

The mrke

of Sacano



The marke

of Pumhom.


This was signed, after clear interpretetion of every perticuler by their owne interpreter, Benedick Arnold, in the psence of us whose names are subscribed, & many of the eldrs, & others.


Jo: Winthrope Govrnor,

Thom: Dudley,

Richrd Bellingham,

John Glover,

Joseph Welde,

Hugh Prichard,

Humfrey Atherton,

Willi: Aspinwall.

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