The Photo Albums from Clarence Rodgers Burgin’s Youth

I mentioned that the early Burgins took few photographs, but by the time my grandfather, Clarence Rodgers Burgin was in knee pants, that had changed. These are some of the pictures of his youth and very early adulthood.

I’ve erred way on the side of inclusion.

There’s a spirit here, a mood, a sense of life as their family lived it, that comes through in a wonderful way when you just see them all in series.


OK, Have fun. (They seem to have.)








I recently had the opportunity to show these pictures, especially the ones toward the end of the series, to my cousin, Elisha Lee, whose knowledge of this material far exceeds mine. He offers the following thoughts:

  • The fishing scenes are more than likely from the Rangeley area of Maine. He writes “those are classic Rangeley guide boats.”
  •  The waterfall is without doubt Niagara Falls. 
  • The farmhouse with the large barn could be a Rodgers property; possibly in Marshfield. 
  •  Rose Cliff, the development of simple houses – spearheaded by Clarence Burgin – shown in many of the images, and labelled as such in one, is in North Weymouth on a point that extends out between Fore River and Back River. 

More as I learn it… –LSL

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