Assorted Sermons and Discourses of Rev. Jonathan French, Sr.

Jonathan French Sr.’s sermons have survived, but they are somewhat hard to find. Here, in the form of some admittedly poor reproductions, are six.


[The titles below are clickable hyperlinks, and will take you to PDFs of the actual texts.–LSL]




  1. A practical discourse against extortion, from Ezekiel XXII, 12. Delivered at a lecture in the South Parish in Andover, January 1, 1777. Published at the desire of the hearers.
  2. A sermon preached before His Excellency Samuel Adams, Esq. governour; His Honor Moses Gill, lieutenant-governour; the Honourable the Council, Senate, … Commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 25, 1796.
  3. A sermon delivered on the anniversary thanksgiving November 29, 1798: with some additions in the historical part.
  4. A sermon, preached at the ordination of the Reverend James Kendall, over the First Church and Congregation in Plymouth, January 1, 1800.
  5. A sermon preached at the ordination of the Rev. Jonathan French, Jun.: over the church and congregation in Northampton, in Newhampshire [sic], November 18, 1801.
  6. A discourse delivered at an evening lecture, in the South Meetinghouse, in Portsmouth, N.H. 21 July, 1805: it being the evening succeeding the session … of the Reverend Timothy Alden, Junior.



  1. A sermon, preached September 23, 1772, at the ordination of the Reverend Jonathan French, to the pastoral charge of the Second Church of Christ in … Pastor of the Second Church in Braintree. by Weld, Ezra [Not a sermon by French, but rather the sermon preached by Ezra Weld at French’s ordination. Included because, well, just because… –LSL]
  2. A Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions, Vol. 2: With Occasional Notes; Pentade I.  by Alden, Timothy  [Also not a sermon by French, but this is THE Alden bio of French, the one I used for the previous post, just in a different volume.–LSL]



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