Captain Samuel Farrar, ‘The Son’

This entry is really a placeholder.

Briefly, as I mentioned in my last post, Deacon, and also Lieut., Samuel Farrar, Sr. (1708-1783) had a son, Lieut., and later Capt., and subsequently Deacon, Samuel Farrar, Jr. (1737-1829).

Father and son were both committed participants in the cause of independence: the father, primarily as a citizen-activist in the lead-up to the war and participant at the Battle of Lexington and Concord; the son as a soldier throughout the length of the war, which included command of a company of Massachusetts volunteers.

After April 19, 1775, (then) Lt. Samuel Farrar, Jr. went on to participate in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and helped to fortify Dorchester Heights. As I noted above, he was later promoted to Captain, and, after two more years of fighting, was present at Saratoga when Burgoyne surrendered.

For whatever reasons, when the 19th century histories were written about the Revolution, the father received a good deal more ink than the son. While I suspect the son’s contributions were no less significant, I have found nothing more on him. Clearly, more research needs to be done on this man.

Consider that a thinly veiled plea, by the way… If anyone reading this has any leads or pointers, please do pass them along !

(To be continued…)

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