The Timothy Paine House in Worcester, MA

You can visit the house owned by William Paine, and his father Timothy (after whom it is named). It is maintained by the Daughters of the American Revolution, and is open to the public…




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The Timothy Paine House Museum

140 Lincoln Street

Worcester, MA 01605

Tel: 508-797-3530

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Holy Cross has a nice write-up on the house and its history:


Colonial Society and its Legacy: William Paine’s House

“The Oaks”, one of the oldest surviving homes in Worcester is rich in both history, art, and culture. The building was begun in 1774 by Judge Timothy Paine (1730-1793), a member of the Colonial political elite. Judge Paine’s leanings were decidedly Tory as were those of his son William Paine (1750-1833) both Harvard graduates. With the advance of the American Revolution, Judge Paine deferred completing the residence, resigning his public roles to lead a quiet life in Worcester in his old house on Lincoln Street . It has long been suggested that Colonial troops occupied the house at some time in its unfinished state. William Paine who trained as a physician in Salem had married the social prominent Lois Orne of Salem in 1773, among whose wedding gifts was a lavish tea service by Paul Revere, the silversmith’s largest single commission. William left the country in 1774 after signing the infamous “Worcester Protest” (along with fifty other Worcester residents) arguing for the justice of British rule and continued his medical career in England and Scotland . He eventually served as surgeon general to the British army in North America . After the revolution he and Lois removed to Nova Scotia , moving back to Salem in 1787 when the ban against loyalists was lifted. They eventually returned to Worcester to settle into The Oaks after the Judge died in 1793.

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A Portrait of Lois Orne As a Girl

There is a lovely portrait of Lois Orne, as a girl, by the painter, Joseph Badger. It currently hangs in the Worcester Art Museum. Lois would go on, at the age of seventeen, to marry William Paine.



Lois Orne, age 21 months, by Joseph Badger


Joseph Badger
Born Charlestown, Mass., March 14, 1707/8.
Died Boston, May 11, 1765.

Lois Orne (Mrs. William Paine), 17571
Oil on canvas
25 5/8 x 20 11/16 in. (65.1 x 52.5 cm)
Eliza S. Paine Fund in memory of William R. and Frances T. C. Paine, 1971.102

Provenance, References, and Exhibition History, here.

I am excerpting below the accompanying scholarly essay, provided by the museum. No author or attribution is mentioned, but if I find one, I will add it. It includes a truly helpful biography of Lois, and useful context regarding her husband’s life and career.


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