Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, MA

Directions to Harmony Grove in Salem, MA, tel: (978) 744-0554:

From 128 N take the exit opposite the North Shore Mall (#25), marked 114 E towards Salem. Drive along the twists and turns of 114 until, coming into Salem, you hit a large traffic light. Go R onto School St. and follow that up a hill until it T’s out, and then go L, maybe twenty yards until you come to the stop sign. Go R and you’ll start down a hill, with the road curving to the left. The entrance to the cemetery is about 200 yards past the stop sign on the right.


Once you’re there…

Proceed into the grounds, past the chapel on your left, and drive along the hillside on Highland Ave. After passing two paved cemetery roads on your right, Summit Ave. and Maple Ave., you’ll see a little path running down the hill on your left. This is Thyme Path. Park and walk down. Officially, the Peabodys are on Ivy Path, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll see the assembled family on your left. They include:

  • Endicott Peabody d. 10/30/1909
  • George L. Peabody d. 2/10/1911
  • Marianne Cabot Lee Peabody d. 10/11/11
  • John Endicott Peabody d. 8/17/1921
  • Gertrude Lawrence Peabody d. 5/2/1883
  • Martha Whitney Peabody d. 6/17/1934
  • Rosamund Lawrence Peabody d. 6/8/1935
  • Francis Peabody d. 2/9/1938
  • Montague W.W. Prowse d. 11/24/1954
  • Samuel Endicott Peabody d. 10/14/1959
  • Harold Peabody d. 9/6/1961
  • Marian Lawrence Peabody d. 4/23/1974
  • Martha Peabody Prowse d. 8/29/1975


As a miscellaneous note, Gertrude was originally buried in lot # 1158, Francis Peabody’s lot, but was later moved to #1553. This would speak to her death preceding those of her neighbors by at least 25 yrs.

Also, George Peabody’s immense memorial is also there in Harmony Grove, and you can see it as you drive along Highland Ave., down the hill, on your left. It is just past the point where Meadow Ave turns into Dell Ave, at the entrance to Locust Path. Capt Joseph Peabody is nearby, where Dell Ave. meets Chapel Ave. and Grove Ave.


Harmony Grove Salem MA grounds

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