J.E. Peabody and the Cambridge Crew of 1873

At some point in his education, J.E. Peabody spent a year in England at Cambridge University, and, as an elite oarsman in his own right, was allowed to row on their crew.

We still have the team photograph, which several years ago I made the executive decision to disassemble and copy.

For a long time, I had no idea which of these men was our ancestor– I had only seen pictures of Peabody in his elder years, which wasn’t much use.  Then I happened across another photo from his college days, this one helpfully labelled by my Great-Uncle John. And now we know: Peabody is in the back row, second from right.


Before coming out from the glass… Pretty rough.



Out of the glass… Better.


A closer view…



The caption…



  1. James B. Close (bow)
  2. E. Hoskyns
  3. J.E. Peabody
  4. C.W. Leckey Browne
  5. T.S. Turnbull
  6. C.S. Read
  7. C.W.Benson
  8. H.E. Rhodes (stroke)
  9. C.H. Candy (cox)


The reference photo…



Now, once more, Peabody…

13415584_199901947071315_5420817595490373570_o copy


A while ago, I came across an engraving of the team printed for the Oxford-Cambridge race of that year. For whatever reason, Peabody doesn’t appear on the roster. Am I right that Robinson (top left) has taken his place?

So, did Peabody replace Robinson, or Robinson replace Peabody?




If you happen to know the story, drop me a line.



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