A Love Letter to Islesboro by Elizabeth Prescott Lawrence

Just before her marriage, likely mid-1907, Libby Lawrence published this piece on the island – and the community – off the Maine coast that she had known so well during her childhood.

Yes, this was, in one sense, the same timeless H&G fare. But scattered amongst the references to society bigwigs and grandes dames, and their Ozymandias-like desire to leave behind at least a trace, there are little pieces of poetry.

Taken together, they actually reveal something… not so much about Islesboro, rather, about the heart of the author.

An excerpt:

“At night the water is here very smooth and still, like a black mirror studded with diamonds; for the stars are clearly reflected in its glassy surface, and around it the fir trees rise in a thick wall as if to protect their jewels.” –p.21

Have a read…


From House & Garden, vol.11-12, (1907)

EPL Islesboro article p.1EPL Islesboro article p.2EPL Islesboro article p.3EPL Islesboro article p.4EPL Islesboro article p.5EPL Islesboro article p.6EPL Islesboro article p.7

For a copy, try here.


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