A Possible Location for the John Elmendorf Homestead in Raritan, NJ

I have often wondered if it would be possible to discover where in Raritan Martina Elmendorf grew up. Now, I think it may be just north of Duvall Park…


From the Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Volume 6, p.197, available online here

…“The New Jersey branch of the Elmendorfs runs to John, third child of  Petrus Edmund and “Molly.” He was bapt. at Kingston Mar. 24, 1749, and m. Margriet (dau. of Peter and Martina [Varick] Zabriskie, of Hackensack, N.  J.) Under the will of his uncle, Evert Bogardus, John received land on the  road from Kingston to the “Gran Kil.” Evert Bogardus m. Gertrude  Crook, and was captain of one, while John was captain of the other of two companies of  militia drawn up at the Kingston courthouse when George  Clinton was proclaimed Governor July 30, 1777. John  Elmendorf appears to have married and removed to New  Jersey after the close of the Revolution, residing for a  time at Hackensack and settling eventually at Somerville. He  inherited the estate which had formerly been owned by Lord Neil Campbell,  near the junction of the Raritan and the North Branch. He and his son Edmund were among the organizers of Somerville  Academy in 1801. He died July 4, 1812. His wife was b. Jan. 7, 1750,  and d. Nov. 24, 1809.”

Now, from a list of properties in the area…


Lot Number and Owner Acres
43 William Ackman 400
48 Lord Neil Campbell, Jan, 9, 1685, on North Branch and Raritan 1650
49 William Dockwrn, May 20, 1690, on the south side of Passaic River 3000
50 Samuel Winder, in rear of Graham, Winder & Co 500
51 Margaret Winder, May 20, 1690, daughter of T. Rudyard 1000
53 John Johnston, May 20, 1690, west side of North Branch 400
55 Lord Neil Campbell, May 24, 1690, on North Branch 1000
56 Sir Ev Cameron, May 24, 1690, at Blue Hills 2000
57 Sir John Dalrymple, Feb. 17, 1692, on N. Branch at Riddle’s 500
58 Ann Wort, Aug 14, 1693, on North Branch at Dalrymple’s 912
59 Campbell & Blackwood, Aug 4, 1693, on North Branch 3000
60 Wm Pinhorn, March 3, 1697, joining Lord Neil Campbell 500
61 John Johnston, on North Branch, joining his own land 100
62 Johnston & Willocks, June 1701 3150
63 George Willocks, June 7, 1701, against Margaret Winder 60
64 Dr. John Johnston, joining Lord Neil Campbell on N. Branch 500




“My ancester William SHARP, Sr. came over from Scotland in 1685 as an indentured servant to Lord Neil Campbell and worked the Campbell estate for several years. William eventually purchased the land which was located on the North side of the Raritan River where the north and south branches meet…”





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