Oak Grove Cemetery in Springfield, MA

This is where Thomas and Jane Skudder Burgin are buried, along  with their daughter Jennie.

I haven’t gone yet, but I want to.



Oak Grove Cemetery


426 Bay Street

Springfield, Hamden County, Massachusetts, 01109

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.12640, Longitude: -72.56250

No website listed but there is an official Facebook page, which you can find here.

(There is also an unofficial Facebook page which you can find here. This seems to be more people showing pictures of visits to loved ones.)

Oak Grove at Find-A-Grave.

Phone (413) 739-2127

Fax (413) 731-5138

email: oakgrovecemetery426@gmail.com



A map of the individual sections. Our people are in Heath Path Section 12-92.


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