Ten Years On: C. Rodgers Burgin’s Biographical Submission for His 35th Reunion at Harvard

The following, written ten years later is more laconic, but no less revealing. I’ve returned to re-read it many times. The older I get, the more I revere this man. He has been physically dead for years, and yet not two days go by that I don’t think of him and his example. He seems, in that, alive and vibrant.



Looked at with the perspective which comes thirty-five years out of college, my life has been happy, but not glamorous; interesting, but not eventful; rewarding, but not lucrative. Some of the things that grow in importance to me with the passing of time are: the greatness of Harvard, the value of standards, people, tolerance of others’ viewpoints, humor, and forehandedness.

In the field of activities, my interests seem to be reasonably diversified among family, business, civic and educational concerns, snatched opportunities for recreational reading, golf, and my place on the Maine coast. My affiliations include…


C.R. Burgin

October 28, 1955

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