Thomas S. Burgin: ‘Remembering Quincy at 80’

Tom Burgin, my grandfather’s brother, was Quincy’s beloved mayor, and a lifelong public servant of that community.



1939 Press Photo: Mayor Thos. Burgin, JW Savage, & city clerk Crane


Near the end of his life, Tom Burgin put pen to paper and produced most of a memoir, which, with a little judicious editing and rearrangement, became the volume you see here.

It was “printed” in a very small run. More like xeroxed and stapled together. And, fortunately,  the sole surviving copy (that I know of) was found and saved by cousin, Elisha Lee.

This winter, Elisha was good enough to give me permission to take the pages out of their binding, and scan the whole thing, so that it could survive in electronic/ digital form–hopefully to be read in the future by people interested in the town’s history.

This little volume – really the collection of a man’s thoughts and observations on his passage through this world – almost didn’t make it.

I’m really happy that it has.





With the goal of preserving his manuscript, and getting it into the hands of others who might enjoy it as well, here is the whole text of Tom Burgin’s Remembering Quincy at 80...





Click here or on the link below to keep reading a  PDF of the entire manuscript:





Thomas S. Burgin

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