The Swain Migration Chronology, Part IV: Research By City And a List of Current Questions

Putting together Parts I, II, and III, we get this chart, which helps it all make some sense, while laying out some clear challenges for future researchers.


Research organized by city:


Births Marriages Deaths Burial Census
Hampton Falls, NH John Swain?

11/12 or 14/1777 Levi Swain

John Swain and Judeth Page.

John Swain and Eunice Rogers Swett*** Parents on these?

Keene, NH 4/22/1785 Salome/ Sarah Hall Levi and Salome bef 1827
Poultney, VT 1779 Levi Swain?
Gilmanton, NH

(Smith meeting House Burial Ground)

?Levi Swain (per Joel’s death cert.)? John Swain bef. 10/4/1798;

Eunice Rogers Swett Swain?

Theophilus Swain 2/5/1818/9

Also son Stephen, & wife Eliz.

John and Eunice Swain? A John Swain, and John Jr. , 1800
Castleton, VT A John Swain, and a John Jr., 1820
Brattleboro, VT 1810 Joel Eaton Swain (possibly named after a maternal uncle who had just died in 1805)

Julia Ann Swain?

1814 Emily Swain?


7/20/1808 Levi Swain to Rhoda Eaton 8/22/1813 Joel Eaton Swain


02/1814 Simeon Eaton writes his will

? Joel Eaton Swain Levi (and Rhoda?), 1810
Colrain, MA 4/9/1827 William Dexter Swain

1829 Joel Swain

1831 Samuel H. Swain

Levi and Salome bef 1827? -8/13/1822 Rhoda Eaton

-6/12/1854 Salome/ Sarah Hall [parents?]

10/10 1851 Levi Swain (black jaundice) Note: Levi and Salome died intestate.

Rhoda Eaton

Salome/ Sarah Hall

Levi w/ 3 daus and a wife, 1820; again 1840
Rowe, MA 10/3/1834 Ellen Dodge

7/27/1855 Marion Salome Swain

1/26/1858 Frances A. Swain

3/2/1815 Joseph Dodge to Sarah Angel

7/4/1853 Samuel H. Swain to Laura Hicks

9/5/1854 Wm. D. Swain to Ellen Dodge

Joseph Dodge and Sarah Angel Dodge c. 7/20/1862 Ellen Dodge

“Our Mother awaits us”

William D. Swain “farmer”


Albany, NY 1862 Albany NY 7/20/1862 Ellen Dodge? [Death 2nd childbirth?]
Bath on Hudson, NY 5/16/1868 Howard T Swain
Copake, NY

(a/o Schodack, or Niverville)

1869 Franklin Niver Swain WDS and Millicent Niver? 11/10/1920 Wm. D. Swain

1/10/1922 Millicent Niver

Wm D Swain

Millicent Niver

(Methodist Episcopal Cem., by tree in back)


Current Swain Questions:


  1. Who was John Swain’s father? Look at actual wedding entry in Hampton/ Hampton Falls for John and Judeth/ Judith Page.
  2. Which branch of the Eaton clan did Simeon Eaton hail from?
  3. Where were Levi and Salome married? Loudon? Gilmanton? Colrain? Was it Sally Eaton? In 1827? If so, the marriage was in January, and the baby, William Dexter Swain, arrived in April. Whoops.
  4. Levi owned some property in Brattleboro, yet we can find no record of similar ownership in Colrain, nor does he appear to have left a will.  This rather suggests a reduction in circumstances.  True?
  5. What prompted Wm. Dexter Swain to go to medical school at about 40 years of age?
  6. Where were Wm. Dexter Swain and Millicent Niver married? After 1862, before 1868. Near Copake or Niverville, NY? What does that marriage entry say?
  7. Did HTS want to put some distance between himself and his roots—possibly because he had a mentally ill uncle wandering about Colrain until 1897?

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